2 flush toilet


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Angry 2 flush toilet

it take 2-3 flush's to go down water level fine :mask:
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Sounds like the flapper may not be staying open long enough to allow all the water to go from the tank to the toilet bowl. The chain should be adjusted so that there is just enough slack to allow the flapper to seal properly in the closed postion.
If that is not the problem, check the holes in the bowl where the water comes into the bowl. This can be done with a mirror to be able to see up under the rim. These holes can get plugged with mineral deposits. They are easily cleaned out with a bent coat hanger. You can also turn off the supply valve to the toilet, flush it, and then pour some CLR or other calcium/ rust remover into the hole where the flapper rests. Let it sit a while and then turn the water back on and flush. Good luck.
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You dont say new are old one. Do you have hard water there? If new and low water flush can be the flapper has that d** hole in its side and that lets the flapper fall down before you get a good flush On new flappers they even have some so you can ajust it .Or get a new one with out the holein its side. Hard water and old stool like majakdragon said get some CLR or if you can open a window and just put some muractic acid in the bowl and let it cook out the lime and calcium up in the bowl trap.


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