High Pitch Noise Kitchen Sink

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Red face High Pitch Noise Kitchen Sink

When i turn my kitchen sink on, either hot or cold i get a high pitch noise, like a whistle. I have double handle faucet.


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I am guessing that you have a single handle faucet. If so, it probably has bad "O" rings in the cartridge. You can get repair kits or whole new cartridges. Take the old parts or cartridge with you when you go to get new ones. Good luck.
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Smile Mine squealed too...

My kitchen hot or cold squealed horribly and intermittently... I could always change the noise by using the sprayer and sometimes it went away but always came back. It was worse with an aeraetor on the faucet. So I spent a day reading all the posts and decided to disassemble the faucet valves like the manual says in Glacier Bay online. After cleaning and vaselineing the parts I reassembled the two valves. Then I took off the faucet pipe. It is a high riser style of outlet held in place with a tapered screw on nut, the riser comes out from the middle of it. this left me looking at a plastic cylinder with some notches and holes in it.. also there were random thin sheets of plastic sticking out of the top of it. I yanked them off and they seemed like they were the shiny coating of the plastic diverter valve housing (which is what that plastic cylinder is) I yanked on it gently to see if it popped out then stuck a chopstick thru the hole in it and gently unscrewed it... in the bottom of the cylinder was the diverter valve which I could move up and down with the tip of the chopstick first by pushing on the bottom and then by pushing on the top. down into the valve housing... Well I found some more loose plastic and figured I'd rub it off and it came off easily. This must have been causing the valve to move incompletely and make that noise...Well I reassembled and greased and cleaned everything and now it works with no squeal. I guess I should ask the manufacturer if this plastic has a history of loosing it's finish coating??? but at least I can do the dishes. Thanks

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