ta-da, of sorts --new kitchen faucet installed

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ta-da, of sorts --new kitchen faucet installed

thank you, gentlemen. & ladies. for your support as the struggle to replace a new kitchen sink faucet dragged on and on and on. (almost an entire week!)
final resolution to removing the old faucet: returned Dremel to Home Depot, they put attachment into a vise to loosen the screw, so that the cutting blade could be installed.
consulted with one more guy there - in plumbing. we looked at new models of faucets upside down. determined cutting from above would work, but not with Dremel - blade not wide enough. hack saw recommended. (moen guy recommended keyhole saw. I got one of those too, but seemed too slow. maybe would have worked if I had stuck to it.)
sure enough - hack saw finished the job the keyhole saw started, in relatively short order -- old faucet removed!
installing new faucet comparatively easy, but whoever put the nuts on the bolt on the old faucet also put all the other nuts / knobs on too. at the moment, tube to icemaker disconnected -- cannot loosen nuts. will just replace entire connector piece, when time permits. cold water not working exactly, but extremely difficult to turn water off to try and adjust water hose. nearly flooded kitchen a few minutes ago.
but hot water working, new sprayer independent of faucet working, and dishwasher working.
will ask plumber when she shows up in 3 weeks to replace water turn-off knobs under sink, get cold water working and check for any leaks.

final issue with manufacturers, this round: there was some attempt in the installation directions for new sink, to differentiate between a square oval and regular rubber gasket, or something like that. there were two gaskets, but they looked the same to me. in the diagram, the square oval gasket was shown only from a cut-away view. I would have had to cut one or both gaskets to determine which one looked the same as the view, when cut. not a good idea. better to have full-size diagrams in directions, so can compare the two gaskets to the pictures. as it is now, I have one gasket not used. I will let plumber decide where it should go. this type of thing, where companies mean well, but just don't give quite the right information, can be very frustrating.

but for now, I have a sink working, and yes, I did it myself -- with lots of help!

skipping over to the tile & grout section next, to figure out how to replace the tile in front of the sink that got loosened from all the times I pushed and pulled myself in/out from under the sink. tra-la.

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Congrats on your success!

Now, to keep this situation from ever happening again, did you put plumber's grease on all the fine threads that you had to assemble the faucet to the sink?

That pennys worth of grease will prevent you from ever having to fight that situation ever again. I do that on every install in the field, even though I may not be the one that comes back to replace the faucet down the road.

Someone will thank me, somewhere...............

Still waiting for someone to leave me that situation so that my job is relatively easy.

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