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Question Faucet Brands

We are building a new house, and I'm a bit bewildered by the choices of faucets out there. I want the faucets to last for the next 40 years. The brands I'm comfortable with are Moen, Kohler, and Danze. My guess is that American Standard and Groehe are also OK. What about AllBrass? Are there any other brands you can recommend, or do you care to comment on any of these brands?
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Lizhart999, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
While we kind of shy away from recommendations, we do offer you places to compare. I have included a website for the major manufacturers so you can see whats out there. I believe Moen has a Lifetime warranty for original purchasers for parts. Good luck on your new house.

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If it's 40 years you want, then proven old fashioned faucets are the answer. I've changed the rubber washers in plenty of 80-year-old faucets. And I've thrown plenty of 30-year-old faucets in the trash as they no longer could be serviced. Get reproductions (at least one company makes solid brass true reproductions at prices to shame the modern industry) or even rummage up those clunky old faucets from an architectural salvage yard. The parts needed to keep these in good working order will always be available.

There is a lifetime warranty on Moen cartridges. But though it's nice to get a replacement cartridge free it's even nicer to simply replace a rubber washer out of an allsorts pack that cost two dollars and you have on hand. If anything happens to Moen, good luck finding replacement cartridges.
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The truth is I do not believe any faucet available today at any price would be expected to last 40 years. The quality of the brass and the quality of the chrome is just not there. Remember that lead regulations have been a driving factor in changing the construction of faucets.

The brands that you will even be able to FIND parts for even 10 years from now are the old standbys: Moen, Delta, American Standard, Price Pfister. Kohler is a parts nighmare. Any other brand such as those you find in design showrooms, club stores, catalogs, etc....you don't necessarily know who makes them of who will have parts. Especially true of off-shore brands imported by one of these places, but not supported by them. Another classic nightmare story is the Broadway Faucet Collection. Very high priced, sold thru upscale designers, and last year the manufacturer just said sorry we don't do them any more. No parts...no nothing!
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40 YEARS - are you kidding? At the rate people are remodeling houses these days, I find it ironic that we suddenly seem to have all the "lifetime" warranties being offered. Actually, it's not irony at all but good business sense - most fixtures are thrown out way before they start to wear out.

I've done a LOT of shopping for our ongoing remodel, and talked to a lot of people. I've concluded that you basically shop for style and finish you like (at price you're willing to pay) and do it. Unless you're buying some super-cheapie off-brand it will last until the next remodel - usually be the next owner. Sometimes you just have to wander around the different plumbing shops until something strikes your fancy. all of a sudden it will come together. don't rush it.

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I really agree with sandbagger. I doubt you'll really want to keep the same faucet for 40 years (even assuming you're still in the same house 40 years from now!), so I wouldn't use that as your standard. But, also, I don't think that in general faucets (etc) are built like they used to be...so using that as your stand is also probably not a reasonable thing.

Just pick what you like! Within the past 5 years we've replaced our kitchen faucet, and a bathroom faucet. They're completely different styles, very different manufacturers, but we're perfectly happy with both! The plumber we hired (yeah, that & electrical are not our strong suits! You've gotta know your limitations ) to install the kitchen one bad-mouthed it, and the particular manufacturer...but 5 years later, it's still working perfectly and we'd choose the same one all over again! Ironically, we spent far more on the bathroom faucet, but mainly just because we fell in love with the style!
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Thanks to all who replied. Maybe 40 years is unrealistic, but I don't want to have to replace things in a few years. I guess we're a bit out of the norm - we've lived in this house for 23 years, and don't plan to move from the new house.

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