Is it a clog or vent trouble?


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Is it a clog or vent trouble?


We started out with wat seemed to be a clog in our sewer. We used a pipe snake and all the drains were clear. We put drain clog material through the sstem and the bathtub would then drain. The toilet was still draining slow and there was a gurgling noise comming from it so we replaced the bowl gasket. It was all draining after that until i turned on the washer and then it backed up in the tub. Does this sound like a clog in the main sewer line or a vaccum problem?
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tkerst, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
Sounds like you may have BOTH problems. The gurgling sounds like a vent problem. Drains need air to operate properly, thus the vent. They do also make for slow draining as they airlock the water in the pipe. To clean the vent, you'll have to go on the roof, if you feel comfortable doing that. Clean out any debris you can see by hand and then flush with a garden hose. Washing machines put out a lot of water fast. This could easily back up with a clog or vent. Normally, if its the vent, when you flush the toilet you will hear gurgling in another fixture (sink,tub). This is the water in the traps being sucked out. Good luck.

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