"Enzyme" cleaner - chronically blocking toilet after 'no. 2'

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"Enzyme" cleaner - chronically blocking toilet after 'no. 2'

I've had some trouble with a clogging toilet and the few recent threads i've read mention enzyme cleaner to 'eat' the clog. does this type of cleaner include caustic agents like drano or liquid plumber or is that something different?

can anyone recommend a good enzyme cleaner and tell me if there are any drawbacks/dangers to using this kind of blockage clearer?

Still not convinced that there is not a toothbrush or something 'insoluable' stuck in the siphon tube section. i can't seem to clear it with a regular hand cranked snake which scratched the hell out of the bottom of the bowl and i can't get my hand far enough in to feel any obstruction. I figured I'd try the solution-solution first before i called a pro.


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Pull that toilet and flip it over for a look see. Buy a new wax ring and 2 new bolts and you'll have your answer in under 1/2 hour.

After you do this, we can talk of other problems that could cause what you are describing.

Good luck and be careful...
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Enzyme cleaners are different from products like Drano in that they are NOT caustic. Enzyme cleaners contain microbes and beneficial bacteria which feed on human waste and other natural products. It does not work on tree roots due to the time it would take to "eat" them. It also will not work on plastics, nylon or other petroleum based products.
You can remove the toilet as suggested by notuboo, or try renting a closet auger. Closet augers have a plastic sleeve that protects the bowl from scratches.
Another positive for removing the toilet is that you may have an elbow under the toilet and that is where the clog is. A closet auger will not go that far. With the toilet removed you can check both the toilet and the pipe leaving the toilet. Good luck.

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