Moen shower handle screw removal problem


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Question Moen shower handle screw removal problem

Hi-I'm a newbie at home repair...I have a single moen faucet handle in my tub/shower and it seems like the threads broke earlier this week--the faucet handle would still turn but have no effect on the flow of water. Well, I pried off the middle index button, under which was a phillips-head screw, and was able to shut off the water via screwdriver. Went to the store and bought a replacement handle.
Am now trying to remove the broken one. Directions say "Remove handle screw". (already shut off the water). Well, I've been trying to unscrew this screw for a while now--it doesn't want to come out!
Any suggestions?
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You will have to hold the stem in place and drill out the screw. This might be quite difficult so be careful in doing so.
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Is that the case even though the screw turns? There's resistance, but it will turn, the only thing is, no matter how much I turn it, it doesn't extract at all...
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Okay, for anybody who runs into this same problem: here's what I did:
I drilled out the screw--actually, drilled off the screw head (or at least enough so that I was able to chip the rest off via hammer), then was able to slide the old handle off. Then I held the faucet stem w/one pliers and started unscrewing the screw with the other pliers. Once I got it started, the screw even unscrewed by hand.
I think the problem wasn't that the screw was really frozen, it's just that it had nothing to brace against when I was trying to unscrew it with the old handle still on--the inside (back) of the old handle had broken such that it was no longer holding onto the bolt pattern of the faucet stem--once the handle was removed, I could hold the faucet stem myself.
I would have expected the faucet stem to have some kind of "stop" so I wouldn't have been able to keep turning it via the screw ad nauseum, but evidently not...
My place is 10 years old, but only 5 months "new" to me--so it's very possible this is the same handle that was put in when the place was built. Hope this helps somebody else, thanks for the suggestion!

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