Basement toilet making me crazy! HELP! :mad:


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Basement toilet making me crazy! HELP! :mad:

I have a basement bathroom, with a toilet, a sink and a shower. The toilet is not vented. The sink is not vented, but has a vent valve attached to it. The toilet was sluggish in flushing, and we contacted Roto-rooter, who camera'ed the drain-waste-vent, and discovered a break in the pipe. At this point, I spent 3000 dollars to replace the sewer line from the house to the street. At this point, the washing machine will cause the water to back up in the shower, and the toilet will not empty. When I flush it, it fills up and then slowly returns to the normal level. Often, flushing the basement toilet will cause air to be sucked down the shower drain.
The same person who redid my sewer line, came and took the toilet off, and ran a rooter down the lines in the house. For three days, it worked ok, and now it is doing the same thing. Please, someone, tell me if I need a vent on the toilet in the basement. I suggested this to the person who did all the work up to this point, and he didn't believe it is neccessary. I don't have a lot of money to spend tearing up a basement floor, and I simply want my toilet to flush and the washing machine to send water out of the house. HELP!!!
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Yes you do need a vent, a point of use vent is not enough for a whole bathfoom group. Did you confirm that your sewer line was busted? Did Roto-Rooter show you films? I think you are getting bogus advice. Without proper venting you will have these problems; also it will contribute to stoppages in your line. Most codes require a min. of 2in.vent for a bathroom group. Sorry for the negitive. I would not call the one giving bad advice. Luck.
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Angry Yes, I saw the video

Luckily, I did see the video. I had another individual do the work, rather than Rotor Rooter - they wanted twice what I did pay to replace the sewer line. My wife works at a civic center near where we live, and she is going to find a good plumber who can put in our vents, and then we intend to replace our toilets with Toto or Kohler Flushstar toilets. Grrrrr!!!!!!
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