slope for bathtub waste pipe


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slope for bathtub waste pipe

I will be (attempting) to replace the bathtub and the surrounding tile walls for an alcove TOS. I would like to replace the existing "drain on left hand side" with a right handed tub such that the mixing valve and faucet can be up against a closet. This will allow the inclusion of an access panel for maintenence

As I will need to re-jigger the waste line from one side to the other, what is the necessary rise vs run for a tub waste line? I have heard 1/4" per foot is standard.

Also, If I wanted to move the faucet and mix valve against the rear wall (the long wall next to the tub, as opposed to the short wall at the end of the tub), is this OK from a code standpoint?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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1/4" per foot is the norm. Some areas allow 1/8". I have not seen a code as far was "where" the valve has to be located but if it is an outside wall, you may have freezing problems if you live in a cold area. You would also not have access to the valve if you had a future problem. Are you considering a shower on this wall also? Seems you would be spraying water out the opening. Just a thought. Good luck.
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Tub drain

I will have to agree with majak.
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Thanks for the response. We will run 1.5" PVC waste line at 1/4" per foot.

As a follow-up, what are the rules concerning P-trap to drain proximity? Because the waste line is being moved, we will be building a platform 5.5" tall on which the tub will be installed. This will allow slope of the waste line without cutting up the existing sub-floor. If anyone sees a problem with this, please let me know before next weekend when we start the demo.

P.S. Some exploratory surgery today revealed tile bonded with mastic over standard 1/2" drywall. Will make demo easier; am anxious to replace with proper wall assembly

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