Any tips on fixing or replacing bath/shower control?


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Any tips on fixing or replacing bath/shower control?

We have one of those sunken-in tub showers (you turn the water on down low and the tub faucet is on the wall adjacent to the on/off/hot/cold control, and the shower head is right above the control); anyway, the on/off (it's one of those you pull out for on, push in for off, and left is H, right is C) is causing the faucet to leak I suspect....when I push in to turn off the shower, it leaks pretty good these past couple days. If I give it a good smack, it will slow to a trickle, but still leaks.

I guess my question is, having never messed with plumbing much, how big of a job is pulling that off and either trying to determine the cause of the leak or replacing the on/off? Any tips? I'd sure appreciate whatever help anyone offers up before I shut the main off and get to work ) :nfunny:
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I guess after several days without a response, maybe I didn't make my question hard are these things to replace? Or could I have a different problem? Please help, I can't afford a plumber to come over at the moment :nfunny:
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You are going to have to look around on the faucet and find a name. Too many manufacturers to quess how it works and the parts you may need. They usually have the name stamped on them somewhere. Let us know.
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I don't think that you got ignored on purpose. There could be a number of innocuous reasons why you did not get an answer. If there happened to be a big bunch of posts on the same day, your post might have been pushed down the list rather quickly. Sometimes I don't have much time, so I don't look very far down the list. Next time that happens, just "reply" to your post and it will go back to the top of the list.
Anyway, if you can't find a brand name (also check the tub drain flange and overflow plate), then upload a picture or two to a site such as Photobucket, Snapfish, etc. and maybe we can help to ID it. It sounds like you need a new cartridge. Once you have the correct one in hand, you can turn off water to the house and replace it. Usually it is not a very difficult job.
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I'll check it out this weekend and see what the brand is (nothing visible from the installed view), thanks guys! I'll post back (and thanks for the 'no reply' tips too).

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