Very Low Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink only!

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Very Low Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink only!

I have a "suspended"-type bathroom sink (hangs on clip attached to wall--easy access to plumbing underneath). I recently lost quite a lot of water pressure in this sink's faucet, and there is a bathtub faucet in the same room which still has normal pressure. One of the faucet handles has developed a leak of a "black substance" slowly discharging out of the "Cold" faucet stem when that one is turned on,while the "Hot" faucet stem does not leak anything at all. The fixtures are kind of "old-fashioned"-looking, "cone-shaped" mounts and the mounts stick out from the wall of the sink @ 3-4".They were not installed by me, so I don't know what the "interior mechanical workings" look like. I suspect they are the "stem/washers" style. Does it sound like anything major? I'd prefer to fix this myself, but my knowledge of plumbing troubleshooting methods is very basic. Thanks for anyone's help! Lorenzo D.
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I would suspect a bad washer on the faucet that leaks. The pressure problem MAY be deposits blocking the supply tube. If you have shut-off valves under the sink, turn one of them off and disconnect the supply tube at the valve. Hold a rag over the valve and turn it on and off 2 or 3 times. This should dislodge anything stuck in the valve. While you have it disconnected, hold a container under the supply tube and turn the other faucet on. Sometimes the water will cross over and flush the tube out also. Good luck and reply back with any other questions.

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