trap and vent location relative to drain


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trap and vent location relative to drain

I sure am glad to have access to this forum. As I progress with a bathroom remodel, I am installing a new tub. The new tub is a "drain on right hand side" replacing a "drain on left hand side" model. This will allow better access to the shower valve via a closet.

My question is: what are the rules governing the location of the P-trap and vent relative to the tub drain? The trap and vent are on the left hand side of the alcove now, will I need to relocate them to the right hand side, or can I run the drain under the tub such that it connects with the existing trap and vent location?

Although not relavant to the question, I will mention that removal of the old cast iron tub was an eye-opener. How heavy are those things anyway? - felt like >400 lb.
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There are 3 issues to deal with: 1. is ease of hook-up. 2. is correctness of hook-up. 3. is access to the drain.

1. Keep in mind that you have to have an assembly that ties the overflow to the tub drain (for when you have the new right-hand tub). As long as you have to go that far, you are already 1/2 way to making the normal hook-up!

2. As long as your vent is within 6 feet of the outlet, you can wet vent, which is basically what you are asking, if that is configuration is acceptable. It's rather odd, but it may be acceptable.

3. Upon first thought, one could think that you already have access to the trap area when the tub was left-hand, so maybe you WOULD be better off leaving the trap down there at the left. HOWEVER, because you need the connection between overflow and tub drain, with a bend at it's new right hand location, it sems to me that you will need to make an access for any future repairs at that end anyway.

Because of considerations of all 3, I think it be wise to make yourself an access for the right-hand location and hook up the DWO in the conventional fashion, and then abandon any unnecessary tees, or whatever at the left side and convert from right-hand drain to sanitary tee into the left existing vent.

My opinion, anyway.
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Question follow up question - on terminology

I am not well versed in the lingo. Could you explain a "wet vent"? Also what did you mean by the right angle bend required near the overflow to drain connection. I am sold on the idea of updating the hookup to a conventional right handed tub layout - it won't be too much more work. I am just a little fuzzy on what a conventional hookup should look like.

To the best of my meager understanding, it is a drain with overflow connected to bathtub, dropping in to a P trap (any rules on height below drain?) then connecting with a venty type T-fitting into the vent stack and to the waste line which must run at 1/4" per foot slope.

Yay or nay?

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