How do I move toilet with existing plumbing?

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How do I move toilet with existing plumbing?

I am planning on doing major addtion to home. As part of that, I will be raising the floor of the bathroom about 8 inches. When I do this, can I get some sort of dual elbow that I can install over the existing toilet drain pipe so that I can move it closer to the tub? I want to be able to get a bigger vanity in the bathroom but would need to move the toilet about 8 inches. Can that amount of horizontal movement be achieved in the 8 inch vertical movement, or would I have to get to the drain below the current floor level in order to achieve this much horizontal movement? I will need at least 2 inches even if I go with the smaller vanity. Apparently code calls for 18 inches between end of vanity and middle of toilet seat (according to vanity manufacturer). What about minimum distance between toilet and tub? The water inlet is no problem as it comes through the floor and will just need an extension when floor is rasied.

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You need 15" from the center of the toilet to the side of the vanity, in all the codes that I'm familiar with. Same applies to the tub. Call the local building dept & ask. If it is 15", there's your 2".
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move water closet

Aside from the horizontal clearance for vanity and tub, I believe that you asked about horizontally offsetting the water closet by 8 in. and to re-use the existing water closet drain. There are special closet flanges that allow a 45 degree down flow that may help you with this condition. But whether you could get another 45 degree ell and a 90 degree ell to mate to the existing water closet outlet with only 8 vertical inches, I am not sure. You need to carefully measure the total "stack height" of these fittings. You would need to remove the existing closet flange in order to get a short piece of pipe to fit the existing. Using 3 in. diameter closet flange and pipe will obviously be easier than using 4 in. diameter. Can you offset the existing water closet piping below the floor instead of trying to do all of the offset within the 8 in. height that you will have to make this much easier?

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