toilet seat won't stay up

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toilet seat won't stay up

I just moved into a new apt and found (with help from my boyfriend) that the toilet seat won't stay up. Other than having to replace the toilet, is there any advice for a quick fix? Perhaps the toilet wasn't installed correctly. My boyfriend thanks you for any help you can offer. Doesn't bother me as much
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leisa, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
A couple things can cause this. Loosen the nuts that hold the seat to the bowl and slide the seat all the way towards the front of the bowl. Check the tank from front to back with a level. If it is tipped forward, the seat will not stay up. Many toilets come with rubber shims to place between the tank and bowl that will solve this problem. If it is one of those "comfortable" fluffy foam seats, that may be the problem. Good luck.
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Best solution

If you can see an exposed portion of the pin that acts as the hinge for the seat and cover then I have a simple solution for you. By the way it cost me $0.62, took 5 minutes, and nobody can see the adjustment.

The seat on my toilet was falling because it was just shy of being perfectly vertical. I added a little friction to the hinge so that it stays up. As I said before I could see the metal pin that ran through the seat and cover hinge. The seat and cover have a slight amount of side to side play. I bought a #10 nylon machine screw nut and used it to eliminate the side to side movement. If you think of the nut as a piece of pie I simply used some snips to cut a piece of pie about 1/4 of the size. Then I removed the seat from the toilet (I suppose you don't need to but this gave me more room to work), took the remaining piece of the nut and pushed it onto the pin. It snapped right in place so that there is no side to side play and now the seat will stay up because the hinge is "tight".

If you can see the pin in the hinge like I can then please try this fix. Measure the space that you need to fill and find a nylon nut that will fit in snugly. By the way, there are left and right sides to the hinge, but I only put the spacer nut in one of them. I purchased my nylon nut from Home Depot for $0.62. It is 1/8" wide when viewed from the side.

#10-24 Nylon Machine Screw Nut (2-Pieces)-86858 at The Home Depot
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Interesting solution to a question asked seven years ago.

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