Single Handle Tub screw stuck

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Single Handle Tub screw stuck

Hi All,
I'm new to the board and new to owning a house, the house is only 13 years old and I've been in it for about a month now.
The bathroom faucet is your standard issue contractor grade single pull tub/shower faucet and it developed a leak. With the handle pushed all the way in, water still comes out at a pretty steady stream from the faucet (hot water no less).
Today I attempted a repair: cut off the water to the house, drained out as much as I could and attempted to remove the handle. The screw holding the handle on just kept spinning and spinning, there was resistance but it felt like it came out a few threads and popped back in.
Can anyone offer this new home buyer and maintenance novice a few helpful hints?

-- Steve
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SKado, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
The screw may be stripped. You can try placing a couple wooden wedges behind the handle and GENTLY tap them in to put pressure on the handle to get the screw out. 13 years probably means built up calcium deposits between the stem and the handle. Good luck.
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Hi, If the handle is a plastic Moen one The handle itself may broke. To make this simple the stem end is square and fits into a plastic square hole in the handle if the plasic breaks the stem inside the cartridge will spin when you try to remove the screw ( the screw goes into the stem). If this is the case try and cut the plastic handle away to gain access to the stem. You may end up having to replace the handle and cartridge.
Good luck Woodbutcher

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