toilet handle too resistant

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Question toilet handle too resistant

I have 2 kohler toilets (installed in 1993) that have become increasingly difficult to flush. The amount of water flushed out & in is fine, but it is extremely hard to push the handle down. If I flush 2 times in a row, the 2nd time is easy. Anyone know what could be causing this? Home improvent store guy directed me to the toilet repair isle, but which part do I replace--flapper, fill valve, etc.? Any help would be appreciated.
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You said if you flush two times in a row, the second time is easy. I assume that means that the lever itself moves freely. Try taking the cover off the tank, and pull the chain to the ball valve by hand - still hard the first time?

Guessing that it is still hard to pull the first time, my guess would be that something is forcing the ball valve down tighter. That could be pressure from above or suction from below. Since the pressure from above is the water in the tank, and that hasn't changed, it might be the ball on the flapper valve has deterioriated somewhat, and is now sticking further into the drain opening. Try replacing the flapper.

If a new flapper didn't fix the problem, I would suspect suction from below, that might be cause by a clogged vent. Running water elsewhere in the system might be causing the ball valve to be sucked tighter into the drain opening. Make sure your vents are clear (other posts here talk about squirrels and other critters stuffing junk in them).

Hope this helps.
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Hi, Sounds like you have a Kohler low flow toilet.
I found the flapper deteroites (spelling) and sticks to flush valve. I have seen people break the handle trying to flush the toilet. Relace the flapper and clean the seat of the flush valve..
Be aware the flapper is different than the older types and have a float on the chain to control the flush. Take a old one with you to get the correct one.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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