Shower stall BENCH waterproofing question

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Shower stall BENCH waterproofing question


I'm building a custom shower stall and reaching the point of putting together a bench. The following link shows what's currently in my plan

I cannot not find any detailed information from online resources nor how-to books regarding bench building especially on the topic of water proofing. As you can see, under my design my area "B" is not part of my shower pan. Therefore, I need to make sure water from above, i.e. the bench, does not get to this area. With the shown construction, I'm concerned that water can still get through Location "A" and in the long run I may still have water problem. I appreciate anyone who has experience in this area to shed some light.

How does the professionals (the excellent ones) do it anyway?

Thanks in advance!

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If it were me I would not have the built-in bench but instead would use a portable plastic seat/bench as available for handicapped access and use.
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Hopefully some of the other posters can offer a bit more help but allow me to give you my perceptions of the situation.

You have shown that you have installed (or will) your membrane under the seat as well as for the pan.

I see 4 things that, I believe, would eliminate your concerns.
1. make the membrane continous from the wall behind the seat back to the membrane for the pan. You drawing shows an area left without the membrane that could allow moisture ot pass.

2. the edge under the front of the bench. wrap this area with tile. Your srawing shows an exposed area of cement board and possibly raw lumber.

3. provide for the membrane to be sloped towards the pan in the seat area. This would allow drainage if water were to reach the membrane, the same reasoning the pan floor is sloped.

4.Now this one is actually beyond me as to how to accomplish and finish your build but; I would want the membrane to be free of any punctures in the seat area. If it can be sealed effectively, that would allow building as you have drawn but with no perforations, you can have no leaks. Seal it well.

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