Urinal keeps flushing! Constant Water Flow

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Urinal keeps flushing! Constant Water Flow

I have a business in which we have a 1 1/2 year old Kohler urinal. I went to the bathroom yesterday and flushed the urinal. After that the urinal's water flow just kept going, and wouldnt stop! Its like its couninously flushing, however the handle is not depressed. I am thinking about fixing this problem myself, what do I need to do, and what tools should I get?
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If I remember correctly a flushometer (the valve assembly) that does not stop flushing has a plugged orifice. If it gives a quick flush it has a torn diaphragm.

You need to first turn off the water supply. Most flushometers have a valve right next to them that has a cap screwed over the shutoff. Remove the cap (unscrew it) and you will see a flush screw. Turn the screw clockwise to turn the valve off, make sure that the water flow stops. Then you may unscrew the top of the flushometer. Being careful of parts jumping out and also which way they came out, remove the rubber diaphragm assembly. There should be a little brass do-funny in the rubber about half way between the center and the outer edge. This is the orifice. The do-funny has a tiny hole in (through) it and most likely this hole is plugged. Clear out this hole and then reassemble the flushometer. Turn the water back on and test. If it is okay then replace the cap on the shutoff valve.

Now in case my memory is really tired (its been more than twenty years since I worked on flushometers) and I got the quick flush/continuouos flush thing backwards the only thing that will fix the problem is a new diaphragm. You really need to have a repair kit for your flushometer(s) on hand. You may have to go to a real plumbing supplies store to find the repair kit. They will need the manufacturer and model of the flushometer.

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