Shower Pressure Problems

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Shower Pressure Problems

I am having a problem with my shower and the hot and cold knobs, though I don't believe the issues are related. First of all, the showerhead has no pressure and we are unable to get the shower head to unscrew. there is still approximately 1/3" of unused threading. If we were to saw off the showerhead, would the remaining 1/3" threading be enough to attach a new showerhead to? Is there any possibility that the problem is down below at the tub spout? The tub pressure seems fine.

The h/c knob problem is that we have to turn the hot water know about 7 times to turn it on but then can only turn the cold knob less than 1/4 turn before it starts being too cold.

Also, when turning on the tub faucet, cold water only, no hot, leaks out of the shower head. It's not a lot, but it is annoying because you can't fill the tub without the curtain being in place or the cold water hits the tub spout and splashes all over outside the tub.

My landlord has been very unresponsive to these issues. If possible, I'd like to try to fix them myself. Any suggestions or tips would be so very much appreciated. Thank you!! :0)
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Shower Head

First Thing Ya need to do is eather cut the shower head off below the theads with a hax saw but dont damage the theards on the spout. After that run the water and see what happens or take some Vice Grips and take the shower Head off that way

If this problem still precists then let me know you might have to replace the whole shower valve itself

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