2 handle diverter question?


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Arrow 2 handle diverter question?

Hello guys just got a quick question I installed a whirlpool tub new install in new bathroom insepctor came to look at all the roughing work and approved every thing is ok. But on his way out he said don't forget to install a tempture valve on the two handle roman faucet. So I take ride out to a local hardware store and they looked at me like I had two heads. Al though I have heard of a mixing valve but never for a roman faucet before. What I have there are 3/4 pipe cooper pipe can any body recommend a web site where I can find this valve? Not even sure what it looks like any help would be great . Thanks Ice199
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Is there a shower? That would have to be temperature or pressure balanced (your government doesn't want you to scald yourself). If there's a hand-held shower on a hose, it may also require a vacuum breaker. But if it's only a tub filler, I would call the inspector back and politely ask him to clarify the comment. I don't believe that any temperature or pressure balancing would be required on a tub filler.

Watts makes add-on pressure balancing devices. No one at a big-box would have a clue about them.

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As I sad these is for a whirlpool tub , yes I do understand about a the shower and yes there is a anti scald valve there but I never heard this on a tub.
Thanks Ice199

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