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Question "lead"sleve

my local plumbing supply sells a brass-off set toilet flange-for instalation to a 4"cast pipe.
but "not" the lead sleve that goes inside the flange & pipe.
the existing flange is brass-with a lead sleve-sort of flared over the inside of the flange to hold/seal it to pipe.
sleve is 3-4" deep into cast pipe/inside surface is smooth-does not appear to be a poured lead joint.
any idea as to where to get such?
or any other suggestions?
what I want to know,is how to join the off set flange-back to the existing cast pipe-after i remove the origal & remove necessary concrete to acomodate the offset.

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all you guys take a look at the question-and not 1 reply?
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I used to have some 4" lead pipe, but I think I melted it into hubs years ago. It'll be hard to find; maybe a plumbing supply in NYC or Chicago, but I doubt it.

How far down is the cast? I'd forget about the lead & brass flange, and bring the cast up to grade (or ABS or PVC or whatever). There are flanges that will compress to the outside of cast-iron pipe. Frank Pattern Mfg makes one called an 'insta-set', and they're available in an offset version. I've used them for years & they work great.

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"thanks" for info!
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I removed my basement toilet (installed circa 1989) and found a similar installation...the lead sleeve inserted about 4" into a CI pipe, and bent out over the flange, with holes cut in the sleeve to let the bolts pass through. What I don't understand is how the sleeve is (normally) attached, and what function it serves. Is the flange not normally attached?

Can anyone explain this?
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I don't know how it's done now-a-days but long ago and far away the flange was set on the cast iron pipe and the plumber leaded it it(poured melted lead around the flange), they used large burners and melting pots, if the connection was too deep they would fill the connector part way with a rope like stuff called Okum then put in the lead. Have a nice day. Geo

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