Clogged toilet/how do I remove the toilet?


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Question Clogged toilet/how do I remove the toilet?

Happy Holidays everyone!

About a month ago my mom dropped the toilet paper holder into the toilet and we're assuming it's still in there somewhere. Ever since then, the toilet does not flush properly and the water rises to very high levels. I think it's safe to assume that the holder is causing the problem but how do I fix it? Do I have to take the toilet off? If so, how do I do that? A plunger has been of no help and an auger didn't do anything either. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this thing working again?

Thanks in advance!
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I had exactly the same problem only it was a make up brush instead of a toilet paper holder.

You will need to have a replacement wax seal on hand.

To remove the toilet, shut off the water at the supply, flush and then drain the remainder of the water out of the bowl. Most people dip it out. Use a plunger to force any remaining water out of the trap.
There are two bolts that attach the toilet to the drain. The nuts will be on either side of the toilet. They may be under plastic caps. Remove the nuts and lift the toilet straight up. Be prepared for a little water. Stuff a rag in the drain to keep sewer gas out of the house.

To reinstall the toilet clean off all the old wax from the toilet base and the floor flange. Install a new wax ring and lift the toilet back onto the flange. Don't forget to remove the rag. Line up the flange bolts with the holes in the toilet and push it down hard to compress the ring. I usually sit on the toilet. Put the nuts back on and tighten them down. Don't tighten too much or you'll break the toilet.

I hope you have better luck than I did. My plugged toilet was at a camp and it was the only one. I was definitely time limited. I never could reach the makeyup brush. I finally made a speed run to the nearest plumbing store and bought a new toilet. I ended up using a large hammer to get the brush out.
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Thanks, Wayne. Worked great!
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