shower handle rusty screw


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shower handle rusty screw

My shower handle is leaking when it is on, so I need to remove o'ring in the shower handle. Allen screw on the handle is rusty. I try to used allen wrench but I can not get wrench into the screw because of the rusty. Any ideas?
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Go to the hardware store and get what is known as a screw extractor also called an easy out.Get one that will fit inside the opening of the set screw.Tap it into the set screw and use it to remove the set screw.

This is assuming it isn't rusted in place but even so gripping the easy out with pliers or vise grips should remove it if the fit is correct.If you have any doubts about which size buy a couple of them as they are only a few dollars each.It should wedge tightly into the opening of the screw.

This tool is normally used to remove broken off screws.Normally you drill a hole in the top of the broken screw or bolt,tap this in and it becomes the missing head of the bolt basically.You then remove it with pliers,vise grips or a tap wrench.

Also don't try to force in the allen wrench or force the screw out as with the set screw in this condition you'll probably just round out the hex sides of the screw.
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If you have a Dremel, cut a slot in the screw head. Blast with WD-40 and let soak. Extract with slot screwdriver. Really lean on that screwdriver as you turn it slowly.

Likely the screw threads are rusted tight to the valve so this'll be a toughie.

Don't kill yourself over that screw. Finally you may have to just saw the plastic handle off - and pay, like, $5 for a sparkling new handle.

View replacement "brass" screw with suspicion. Toilet bolts are typically brass *plated*, but plating faucet handle screws is a rare low.
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