tightening toilet tank bolts (ARGH)

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tightening toilet tank bolts (ARGH)

I just installed an american standard 2 pc toilet (I've installed several cheapy one piece jobs with no problems)

2 things

First I can't seem to get tension right on tank bolts - to tight they leak to loose they leak - seems like I have them right and any movement (installing seat) starts a leak...... what's the trick here?

Second I've adjusted the float so water shuts at appropriate height - but I find myself having to manually lift the float at times to stop the water.

I can usually install a toilet in 20 mins (rental properties) - this has been 2 days and its still not right.

This 2 pc job just seems unstable - tank feels loose even with bolts tightened.....
Here I patted myself on the back all the way home from store because I didn't cheap out - now I'm thinking cheaper was better.
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What I do on the two piece units is buy two tank-to-bowl bolt kits. I install the bolt in the tank with a rubber washer under the head. Then I install another rubber washer, metal washer and nut under the tank. Now you have a sealed tank regardless of how it is held to the bowl. Install the tank on the bowl, and install a metal washer and nut under the tank simply to hold the tank to the bowl.
Is the valve a ball type or a cylindrical type? If a ball type, is the ball hitting the sides of the tank? If not, turn off the water, remove the top of the valve and purge it with a short spurt of water from the cutoff valve, then replace it all. You most likely have dislodged some crud in the lines and it is jammed against the seating surface of the valve, so removing it will help in turning it off.
Check the tank to bowl gasket, also just to make sure it is seating against the tank properly. Some have cut outs for the spud nut, and some are round.
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tightening toilet tank bolts

Thanks - I'll try that - I was thinking some type of caulk, but like your idea much better.

btw I used the styrofoam packaging material and put it between wall & tank - tank seems much more stable now.
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I used the same styrofoam method to stabalize my tank. I'm curious: is there a better method for this? The styrofoam has an ear-biting squeak everytime I sit down.
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Your fist mistake was purchasing American Standard. I like most of there stuff except for their toilets. If someone tells me they have to double flush a toilet, I usually tell them what toilet they have. Also, I have had problems with there newer style toilet (I think it is the cadet). They still have flushing problems and I have had issues with the flush valve leaking by. This toilet in particular was 1 year old, replaced flush valve(which no one stocks, so you have to send for it), and 6 weeks later got another call for the same reason. Changed toilet brands to a big box cheapo and have had no problem since.
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I think that somehow the gasket between the tank and bowl is somehow misaligned. I have removed and reinstalled the tank on American Standard toilets many times and have always been able to correct any leak at the tank by gradually tightening the bolts. The fact that the tank feels loose makes me think that it's not properly seated. Take it off, check it out from scratch.
Good luck

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