Pathetic IDIOT has toilet question


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Question Pathetic IDIOT has toilet question

I searched & haven't found this issue. Hope someone can help:
===My 1991 toilet operates just fine! However I installed a new, name brand continuous toilet cleaning system. It injects the cleaner into the bowl & not the tank. They claim it the lasts much longer. It requires 3 simple steps.
-----Step 1. Clip dispenser onto back of toilet tank.
-----Step 2. Connect blue water tube to the fill valve.
-----Step 3. Inset red water tube into the overflow pipe.
===When I flushed my toilet, no water flows thru the system. To check this, I disconcerted the blue tube from the fill valve, & flushed with lid off tank. My toilet operated just fine. However no water came out of the little hole where the tube should attach. (Originally a plastic tube went from this opening straight into the overflow tube.) Again, my tank & bowl BOTH filled. I did several flushes. HOW DOES THE WATER ENTER THE TANK? The supply line comes into tank, and I think it connects to a tall fill tube. Does water flow into the tank at the base of this thing? Then why the little hole at the top?
===The way I understand things, the water should run thru this cleaning system and into the bowl. Yet my bowl fills from the hole opened by the flapper. I'm confused!! Am I just an IDIOT? I looked for diagrams of my older style toilet parts on the Internet; but couldn't find one. My toilet uses the old style, big round float.
===I feel like I'm missing not just the boat, but the ocean too! Can someone make me smart? Please? Thanks, Anna

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I am not a plumber and the proper nomenclature eludes me concerning a toilet but;

when you flsuh the toilet, the flapper at the bottom of the tank is lifted to allow a large amount of water to enter the bowl and take care of eveything in the bowl.

After the water empties from the tank, the flap closes and the tank is refilled from the valve (usually on the left side) that the float is connected to. From that valve, there is the small tube that comes from it and generlally goes into the overflow tube in the center of the tank.

Now, while the tank is filling, there should be water running through that small tube and into the oeverflow tube. (I'm not sure what the purpose is but I think it is to refill the bowl since the siphon action of flushing would empty the bowl totally)

If I understand your device, it is this hose that should go to your dispenser and then the hose from youjr dispenser put in place of the original tube and flows water (and cleaner) into the overflow tube and subsequently into the bowl. Correct?

If you are getting no water through the tube, you have a problem with your fill valve assembly. Don't know if it can be repaired but they cna be replaced quite inexpensively.

Maybe one of the real plumbers around here can recommend a brand name for a good fill valve.
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It does sound like the ballcock needs to be replaced.Fluidmaster 400A is the best selling of them all.There are others that are fine as well.

Go to a real hardware store (avoid big box stores as they offer you no qualified assistance) and discuss your specific situation.They can recommend the best replacement unit and assist you with instruction.
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Question I Have same problem.

I have the same problem as yoy. I posted the other day "No water going down overflowe tube". I haven't gotten a response as yet. Can you tell me how you corrected situation?
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Then something is blocking the flow. If you are handy you could try to take stuff apart inside and see, or, if you have a regular type toilet, just change out the fill valve to the oft-mentioned Fluidmaster 400 for less than $7. You only need one tool to do the job; channellocks type tool. Job only takes 5 minutes, give or take some.
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