Little To No Shower Water


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Question Little To No Shower Water

Having Problem With My Hot Water In My Shower It Started Running Slower And Slower Then Just A Little Comes Out Now. Yesterday The Cold Water Just Went Down To Just A Very Small Amout Coming Out. Both Sinks In The Bathroom Work Good And My Toilet Work With Problems. Also My Hot Water In The Kitchen Started Running Slow But The Cold Runs Good. Can Anyone Help Me?
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It sounds as if you have a pressure balancing valve in the shower. If you lose the hot water supply, the cold will diminish as well. Check to see if any hot water supplies are operating normally. If so, the shower and kitchen sink probably share a supply and the problem is in that line, possibly at a valve. If no hot water works, the problem is most likely at the hot water heater. As little water is coming out, there is most likely a blockage in the hot water line, although it is possible there is no water going into the heater. I once removed a hot water heater and found that the 1/2" copper pipe exiting the heater was nearly completely limed over. If you have good plumbing skills you could tackle this, but it could be a job for a pro.
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Is this all on the first floor?

Are your pipes galvanized metal, copper, a mix of these two?, or other?

And do you have a basement below where you can see how the pipes run to every fixture and in and out of the water heater and where they go?

Then tell us where each fixture is along the way as yo first leave the water meter or well presure tank.

And which has poor hot, poor cold, or poor hot and cold. Include laundry tub and outside spigots in on this testing also, and if toilets fill as fast as they used to.

This is a very solvable problem for someone who could actually be at your house to size up the stuff I said. And that is how you can help.

Adn tel us what pipes are 3/4 inch and which are 1/2 inch.

ONE thing you can do first is to see how well the water pressure is at coming out of your water heater drain valve at the bottom.

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