Bathtub "leaking" Very Hot Water

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Bathtub "leaking" Very Hot Water

Hey everybody:

I'm a 19 year old from Georgia; our family has a problem in my brother's bathroom. Apparently, for about a week now, his tub has been constantly running very hot water. I wouldn't use the term "leak" necessarily, because it's more than just a drip... drip... drip every now and then.

I suppose the problem actually has two parts, and the second part might fit better in the water heater area. The first part is simply whether anybody has advice for fixing a bathtub faucet that will not quit running. I believe the problem must be with one of only a few things.

The second problem, which may go better in heating but seems to be an entirely isolated issue for this same bathtub, is that the water being leaked out of the faucet is extremely hot. If it would be more appropriate for me to ask for advice regarding this problem in the water heater area, i will certainly do that.

Our family is in a financial pinch at the moment. My dad moved to Chicago for a new job, and subsequently told my mom he wants a divorce. So if a plumber could be avoided we would like that very much. However, if the complexity of the problem means hired help is a must, we're willing to pay to have this fixed.
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Since we don't know exactly what type of faucet (brand,design etc) you have I'll offer general advice here.I suggest this faucet be rebuilt with close attention paid to the hot side.I believe whatever type of washer this faucet uses to stop the water flow has worn to the point of heavy leakage.There could also be at this point some actual damage to that side but you won't know until you get into the faucet.If the faucet is a two handle design and especially if it has some age on it then it probably has a conventional stem and the washer on the end of it has worn or fallen apart or possibly come loose.There may also be an impact on the seat(part of the faucet the washer presses against to stop water flow).If the faucet is a newer single handle or has a newer type of gasket or cartridge then repair comes down to specific model,brand etc.Again it may just need washers/gaskets etc or a more complete rebuild and/or replacement parts depending on the specifics.

I believe the hot water issue is that the water flow is high enough to be causing the water heater to react to the loss of water and is heating it or the flow is high enough that it is drawing heated water out of the water heater.

So you're probably heating lost water....a double whammy moneywise.

You'll have to determine what you have as far as the type and design of your faucet and what it needs to be repaired.You'll have to figure out for yourself if you want to attempt this or not.If you can post pictures and/or give more specifics about your faucet etc that would help.

Faucets require specific parts etc for repair and you'll need to go to a real hardware store or a plumbing supply that sells to the public.You need to take the old parts for proper matching and go where there are people that have knowledge and can help you get the right parts.This is NOT Home Depot,Lowe's or Walmart.
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Welcome to the forums! I think we can handle this. First, go to the water heater and turn down the thermostat. It may be turned up too much, therefore the extremely hot water.
Next, we will need to know if you have a single handle or multiple handle faucet setup. If a multiple one, turn the water off to the house, remove the handle from the hot water side, and then the collar nut. Remove the stem and replace the washer on the end of the stem.
Post back with your results, or if we can help further.

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