Delta Shower Handle Trouble

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Delta Shower Handle Trouble

My house is 14 years old. I'm trying to get the handle off the shower so that I can fix it. It is a single handle not a separate hot and cold design. The handle has no hex nut or screw hidden underneath. Do I just pull as hard as I can, twist it as hard as I can, twist it backwards as hard as I can, or what?????. I have investigated the double handles on the sink faucets which look exactly the same design but there are two (hot and cold separate). There is no hex nut or screw there either. Please help with suggestions before I break something. Thanks
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I can't say for certain your case but most single knobs have a plastic snap-in plug in the center that has to be removed to allow access to the screw holding the knob.

Sometimes it is difficult (sometimes extremely difficult) to tell just where the seam is between the plug and the rest of the knob. Look carefully and you may need a sharp-pointed knife to get into the slot and pop out the plug.

Be sure to put a rag over the drain beforehand to preclude the possibility of losing parts down the drain.
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Not to mention turning off the water supply first ot you may be in for a big surprise when you try to turn that screw and the handle turns to the ON position!

If you need additonal help, I've had good results using the Delta on-line live chat help on their website.

I had a 15 year old Delta Monitor single handle, anti scald valve that I needed to replace the cartridge on last year, so about 14 years is time to change.

If you have a Delta Monitor (NOT Delta I or II -just plain Monitor), and you need to change the cartridge, you will also need a conversion kit to retro fit a new model cartridge as that model is no longer made. Costs more now, but in the futire you will only need the cartridge.

As I said, I got good help in identifying the model and getting pointed to the correct replacement parts on their online live chat.

Good luck,
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Another Delta Monitor Faucet Problem

My shower faucet doesn't leak but only provides luke warm water when turned to maximum hot position. Would this be caused by a defective cartridge? This Monitor faucet is about 14 years old and worked ok until the last few days. Just before it stopped providing hot water, it would go from cold to hot in the last 1/4 inch of clockwise turn to the maximum position; thus giving me very little adjustment for mixing the water temp.

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