Tub faucet keeps dripping

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Tub faucet keeps dripping

I have a Delta on handle system that goes from cold to hot. The faucet part has a pulldown diverter. It just won't stop dripping. I'm not familiar with this type. Anyone know what might stop it from dripping?

Thanks, Charlie
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Does the pull up on the spigot go back down when you turn off the faucet? The reason I ask is because if it doesn't, it will continue to drip until the shower riser is empty. If thats not the case, then change the guts in the faucet.
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it is under the spiget and it goes up into it when the shower is off. It still drips long after the shower is off.
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As suggested, change out the insides. You likely have a handle that you first raise up to get the pressure you want, and then can swivel it left for hot, or right for cold.

But before doing any real dismantling, you can first try to tighten down on this piece of plastic, that forces the pivoting brass ball against the rubber cup washers down inside, harder. First you would remove the handle. Then undeneath where the parts go into the chrome cylinder you will see the rim of a white, yellowed or gray piece of plastic that has opposing cut lines through it. You "turn in" that plastic so it sinks into the chrome deeper. Just turn it a little at a time and test the water by swiveling the stem. It is okay to do this procedure with the water pressure still left on.

IF that does not really help, then you have to move on to do the guts removal.

If so:

First turn off the house water!

Remove handle. Under the handle you will see the brass stem go into like a socket. The stem and a ball, that is attached to the stem as a one piece unit, will be able to come out after you pull out this plastic piece over the top of it, and be apparent how, after you have taken a channellocks and undo the chrome cylinder that has the "teeth" (I called it "serated" in another thread where someone else needed to take THEIR Delta apart) around the chrome. Since you have never done this before, use caution and make sure how you take it out. These have to go back a certain way as there is this protrusion in there and a corresponding groove cut into the ball so so that it can only fit in there one way. But it is all apparent if you are observant. I did it the first time and nobody taught ME.

Once removed, right underneath the ball will be these cup washers. And in the holes the cup washers seat in are springs that force the cup washers up against that brass ball. Take a needlenose pliers and lift out the cups, then the springs. Then buy a Delta-Peerless kit that contains a pair of springs and cup washers. Some kits give you two sets of springs; shorter springs and longer springs. This kit should only cost about $4.

Then back home, use the needlenose pliers again to insert the new springs and then the new cup washers on top of them. Do not force, Then test once they are in there to see if you can push them in, down in the seat, and gently let off some pressure and you shoud feel them try to lift back up due to the springs under them doing their job.

Now reinstall what you took off in reverse order. But be careful just as you install the ball/stem, that the cup washer(s) do not fall out of their seating holes while you are doing the installing. And look at the plastic piece to make sure ir goes over the notchthe right way. And when you instal the ball that it too engages what it needs to.

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