Jacuzzi tub problem

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Question Jacuzzi tub problem

I have a problem with my home jacuzzi tub. When I turn it on by pushing the on button, it seems like the electricity is on and it makes the whirling sounds, however it doesnt push any water out of the pipes, the water is still. Since the place had been rented for a while, I am assuming they did not clean it and the pipes cloogged.

1. Does this seem like a resonable diagnosis and is there any product that can be used to unclogg it?

2. What may be some other problems and what can I try? How bad a problem can it be and what may be the associated costs?

Any ideas and advice will be appreciated.
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Jacuzzi tub problem

I have the same problem. My jacuzzi bath tub used to work fine for a few years, then one day when I pushed the button (air switch) - nothing happened. We assumed the motor or pump was bad and just procrastinated on fixing it. Now, 5 years later, I pushed the button again and it sounded like it was going to work, but only for approx. 6 seconds - and then nothing again. Jets did not do anything. My husband then turned the chrome knob on the inside of the tub and to our surprise it came off and there is a plastic tubing that goes down into the wall or tub. He thought maybe the pump needs to be primed, meaning, water poured down into that pipe to get the motor started. Unfortunately, I have no instructions on how to use this tub properly or do any kind of trouble shooting. Help! Could there be a simple fix to this?

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Jacuzzi tub instructions say that you should not run the jets until there is 2" of water over the highest jet in the tub. I believe when the water is filling the tub, the jets allow the water in displacing the air. Essentially, the jets, are 'primed' as the tub fills.

Perhaps you can pour water in the highest jet on the tub and see if any comes out of the lowest jet. If you see water come out, it's not clogged. If water comes out the jet you put the water in, it MAY be clogged, or the motor may need to be running.

Personally, if it were me, I'd get out the air compressor, and at a very low pressure, see what blows out . Warning though - this may damage something internally so use caution.

...or it's something else!

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