toilet flapper problem

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Question toilet flapper problem

I live by myself with my daughter. I had a toilet tank leaking probmen so 3 months ago a plumber installed new seal at bottom of the toilet , new screws in tank to toilet base and new innards. Everything was fine and now the brand new flapper does not close everytime. The chain is not in the way and the length is fine. It seems the flapper is misaligned. I have tried to move, push and adjust but it doesn't move. A small tap on the flapper and it closes. The rubber egde of the flapper is just a hare pushed toward the front of the tank. I can't push it back. I tried holding and bending the flapper to the back of the tank and that works for a couple flushes. It goes back to the same position of not closing into the hole. What is bothering me the most is that every now and then the flapper closes on it's own. I have the tank lid off all the time and have to tap the flapper when the water completely empties into the bowl. All of the parts are brand new. How could the flapper just stop being aligned with the hole? How do I fix it? It seems like a simple thing but I can't fix it permanently. I can't afford a plumber service call. Any help would be appreciated.
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So, I am a complete novice when it comes to toilets, but have you called that plumber back and told him/her about this problem? Their work should be guaranteed for a reasonable period of time.
Also - new flappers are super cheap, if it comes to you having to get one from Home Depot or Lowe's. They are also as easy to install as putting on a belt.
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Welcome to the forums! Since you have isolated the problem to the flapper, and even though it is new, a bad mold may have cast a bad flapper. Purchase a new one ($3) and replace it. It is held in place at the bottom of the tank on two ears that protrude from the overflow tube and of course the chain to the actuator. First, turn the water off and flush the toilet. Unchain the old one and "un-ear" the old one. Install the new one and rechain it, leaving enough slack to allow full closure. Post back with your findings.
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Some flappers come with the ears that chandlier spoke of and also a round rubber sleave that is supposed to fit over the overflow tube. Many times this extra part makes the flapper too stiff and performs as you have described. If yours has both ears and an attached round sleave, take a pair of scissors and cut the sleave off leaving only the ear attachments. This will free up the flapper to work as designed.

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