Kitchen Sink & Dishwasher backing up into tub

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Kitchen Sink & Dishwasher backing up into tub

Hi. I have recently moved into a new house. A little while after moving in, I noticed the kitchen sink and dishwasher are backing up into the bathtub after I do dishes. Their are small food particles and all. I called a licensed plumber twice and they snaked the drain, but the problem keeps coming back. I can not afford to have them keep coming back in the problem isn't fixed.
Now, the bathtub is backs up every time we use it. We have to bucket it out the window so the next person can shower. We have tried snaking it but it doesn't help. We put in some crystals and it helped for about a week but the problem came back.
When I go downstairs and open up the pipe their is standing water in there from the ground up. I tried putting a snake down there, but it will not go past a certain point. No trees are around my house, so I don't think thats a problem.

Help! Anyone have any suggestions?
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Assuming that you are on a city sewer and not a septic tank I would guess that you have a severely clogged side sewer or at least the branch between the greywater (sinks and bathtub) and the main side sewer.

You probably need a different plumber or perhaps a drain cleaning company would be better, to properly clean out the branch where you found the standing water.

It is possible that what you found was a "house trap" and that is why the standing water at ground level, At any rate I think this is beyond DIY now.
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Pressure flushing may help

I had a similar problem. I had water from my washing machine and kitchen sink back up into my toilet and bathtub and overflow out of the bathroom into the hall. I called a plumbing company who eventually decided to put a scope down the main drain line and discovered there was a "belly" in the line.This meant there was a spot in the underground drain where the pipes met that was installed incorrectly (30 feet)when the house was constructed (plumbing inspector obviously didn't do his job), so that after a period of time (usually 2 years) a build up of material (soap, grease, paper, food, etc.) would cause a blockage. The plumbing company pressure flushed the drain and advised me that fixing the problem would cost approximately $6000, which we didn't have.
Everything was fine for 2 years when the problem occured again. I realized that this had to be something the previous owner(s) had to know about but chose not disclose.Sadly, we found out we had missed the Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) deadline by 5 days while waiting for the plumber to come out. Talk about frustrating!
Finally deciding that we had no option but to pay $6000 (which we still didn't have) we called the plumbing company again. Fortunately, the plumber who came out was sympathetic to our situation and advised that instead of expensing ourselves for a problem that we did not cause, we could have a pressure-assisted flush toilet installed that would use enough pressure to flush everything past that kink in the line up to 60 feet out for only $500. That solved our problem!
It is not a permanent fix (the only real fix is to have the underground plumbing completely redone) but we have not had the problem reoccur in 4 years. The plumber said the toilet should function for about 10 years and when we sell this house we will disclose the problem as well as have another pressure assisted toilet installed. It is very loud (like the toilets used on airplanes) and scared our children for awhile but it has saved us. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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