I remved the stopper in my tub-with the long slidy thingy

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I remved the stopper in my tub-with the long slidy thingy

I know I am risking sounding like a complete bufoon, but my tub has a stopper that I'm not sure how to put back in. I slide the entire thing in the drain and now it doesn't catch with what ever mechanism pulls it up and down. There is a lever you turn side to side in a rotation sort of a way...but I can't figure it out...can anyone help me...if I just drop it in it closes the drain completely..
I removed it to unclog the tub...I just yanked it out...there wasn't much resistance...it has a long flat piece followed by a curvy c shaped piece and then the stopper...
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To repair bath drain operator mechanism

Unfortunately, these things are a pain to fix. Remove the two screws from the overflow/drain handle faceplate (make sure not to drop overflow washer behind tub!). Pull control handle upward to remove mechanism from overflow pipe. My guess is that this drain operator mechanism, which looks like a thin brass rod with the end twisted into a corkscrew the diameter of overflow pipe, became corroded with age and broke right off when you pulled out stopper. Take that piece to your favorite hardware/plumbing supply store (i.e. NOT the discount warehouse staffed by bored teens) and they will find you a replacement. The trick is in the re-installation- getting everything adjusted so the drain closes completely, yet also opens completely. There is often a retaining nut on the bottom of drain plug which you must loosen to affect this adjustment. Be sure to tighten when you're done! And good luck.

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