leaky hot water faucet in shower after replacement

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leaky hot water faucet in shower after replacement

I replaced the seat and stem on the tub shower and it is leaking worse than before. Here are the steps I went through. I removed the stem and brought it to the hardware store where they matched it up. I bought a replacement kit, which included the new stem and seat. I removed the old seat and replaced it. Than I inserted the new stem and tightened the nut that holds that in place. Now it has a steady drip. Did I miss something?
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You only did one? Not two?

It can only leak out spout from 5 causes: Seat is not in tight enough, so water actually leaks past the seat threads. Or the seat got damaged. Or the washer is not mating right with the seat, for any number of reasons (check the ring-crush mark after you re-remove it. Even too large a rubber washer's screw head can get in the way). Or rust chunks or an old bit of washer or an old washer screw is down in the pipe and when you turn on the water it gets trapped behind your new rubber washer.(Flush line with valvestem out, making sure you have help if need be and prevent water from going down in your wall. Last one I recently did I used rubber gasket material curved under the hole to direct water into the tub.)

Or there is no leak, per se, and water is simply evacuating from the side arms, held in because air can't get behind the water to make it drain out of the lines faster, and other pipes from the mixer and drips for a while and may do this for 15 minutes, but then quit dripping. (This scenario can be confirmed by removing the tub spout and capping the nipple. Then removing the shower head. Then run the shower out the shower arm pipe. Then shut off the shower and see if the shower pipe continues to drip. If not, then it is trapped water in the pipes.)

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