Quick question on clogged toilet

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Quick question on clogged toilet

Last night my wife informed me that one of our toilets wasn't flushing properly. After several tries with the plunger and a closet auger (which revealed nothing), it was only marginally better. After that, for the heck of it and to see how clogged it was, I poured around three gallons of water into the toilet very quickly (in 3 or 4 seconds). It went through as fast as a could pour it in. After that, the toilet worked fine. Is it possible that I sent something that was stuck in the toilet down into the line that may now clog the main? It's hard to believe that water could dislodge what a plunger and auger could not.
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could have been toilet paper. it's designed to dissolve in water so if there was a big ball of it that got augered up and pushed on with a plunger it might have only needed the weight of some water to dislodge it. i wouldn't worry about it clogging anything else, the pipe is at least 1" larger in diameter than the trap of the toilet.


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