Couple shower questions

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Couple shower questions

First off, the water here eats copper pipes causing pin hole leaks. Before I purchased my house, all the pipes were supposedly replaced with CPVC and from what you could see, it appeared to be true.

Well I have a shower that needs the faucet replaced so I tore it apart and found copper. I guess one of my questions is can the copper that has pressure all the time be replaced if I have access from below (it is drywalled but I plan on redoing the kitchen anyways). The wall behind the shower is another bathroom and that wall is tiled. I'm almost wondering if you would have to rip out the tile to do it too. I'd hate to have a pin hole leak only to find out when my ceiling starts dripping.

The other question I have is about the faucet replacement. I have not purchased a new faucet yet as I'm not sure how to proceed. Is a shower valve universal and what I see in the picture part of the faucet? So basically I would remove that piece and then install the new faucet?

Thanks for any info that you can provide on this.
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My theory is that you can replace copper that has water pressure on it. What you need to do is get a couple of slip on fittings(sharkbite or whatever), cut the copper pipe, then while you are getting soaked and pissed, slip on the sharkbite and a valve. I haven't tried it yet so its only a theory.

** the above was sarcasm, don't be mad at me if you actually try it, BUT do let me know how it goes **

Anyway, most single handle shower faucets are about the same size. One might be alittle larger than the other and another faucet might have valves built into the faucet its self so you can turn off those and change the guts. You can open up the boxes and check to make sure the new faucet is about the same size. Also, measure how wide the cover hole is and make sure the new faucet's cover will cover that hole. Turn off the water before doing any plumbing!

After rereading your post, it made me think you were talking about replacing just the chrome and the guts. You can do that. Turn OFF the water and remove the chrome cover then remove the guts. Bring the guts and faucet model(if you can find it) down to your local big box store or a plumbing supply house and get new guts for it. They might also have a new cover and handle that you can get to make it look like a brand new faucet.

** Always turn off the main water valve when doing plumbing projects **

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