above ground sewege ejector systems

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above ground sewege ejector systems

i have been getting a sewer type smell from my basement bathroom. it has been like this since i moved in 2 years ago. the bathroom in my basement rarely gets used so i think the trap drying out may be the blame. the tub and toilet both lead to an ejector pump under the slab.
what are your thoughts on those sewege ejector systems that are built into the toilet? this is the system that avoids the breaking of concrete & where u can also have your sink and tub connect to the toilet ejector pump. would this kind of system eliminate these odors?
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The ejector tank also has a vent, and it should connect to the other house venting. Also, if the sink trap dries out, that will allow sewer gas to enter. Run water 1-2 times a week, make sure the toilet bowl is full, and check for proper connection of the vent. That should stop odors. Sewage pumps are required when the main sewer lines are not under the basement floor(run along the walls). There is nothing wrong with having one, but they do require maintenance.
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Sewer smell

frankieromance: Just like [Just Bill] said you have to make sure that nothing in the lower bath has a dry seal.

Bottom line is if you don't find out where the odor is comming from and you change your system you may end up with the same prob., luck.

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