Horribly Stuck Shower Faucet

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Horribly Stuck Shower Faucet

I have a faucet in an older house with separate hot/cold knobs. The biggest problem is that the hot is near-impossible to move. The one time I managed to turn it on (ignorantly thinking it might loosen up a bit with movement), it started rushing out and I had to exert all my strength to turn it off again. So I haven't messed with it since.

Is this a common problem? Can I take apart the hot knob and likely find the cause to this issue, or should I look at replacing the faucet entirely?

The cold works fine, but the shower diverter is also not functional. I'm not handy at all really, but I was wondering is these are things that I can likely fix myself. I couldn't find any info about the stuck faucet, but one site said that if you have the 'knob-on-top-of-spout' setup (as I do) that the diverter cannot be fixed, and that the spout needs to be replaced -- is that true?

I don't want to call a plumber only to have them tell me that I need a new faucet and spout setup, so I figured I'd check here first. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Pick up a how to plumbing book at a home or hardware store. It is not too hard to repair(usually), but they do a better job of explaining and have pictures. You will need a few basic tools, but nothing expensive or elaborate. Most home/hardware stores will have the parts you need, unless it is very old or an off brand.
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Stuck Shower Faucet

You can fix it!! Turn off your water supply. Remove the screw that holds the knob on. Check for a retainer clip on the stem cartridge. Might be horse shoe shape, brass or copper, pull it out. Use vice grip to pull stem, might be tuff if it's been there for a while but it will pull out.

Match it up at a plumbing store.

Clean inside of pipe before install new Stem Cartridge.

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