new bathtub/shower combo has no floor support

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Unhappy new bathtub/shower combo has no floor support

My new homes master bath tub enclosure has no support under the tub, between it and the sub-flooring, other than one 2-by-4 board set close to and parallel with the tub wall-side of the enclosure. When we step into the tub and move around, the tub often makes a popping or cracking noise, and I worry that the lack of support underneath will eventually lead to a fracture of the tub floor. The tub enclosure backs up to the open wall joists above the inside steps leading down to the basement of the house, so I can access the back of the tub and view the underneath. Is there any type of expanding foam or other support material that I can inject under the tub to give it support?
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I'm not a pro, so please wait for one them to chime in with some fix ideas.

HOWEVER, how new is "new?" I think I'd get the builder back in there to correct it. Is it the only shower in the house? If not and you have some kind of a warranty, maybe it needs to "accidently" break to get them back in to fix it right.

Why is there always time to re-do it?

Good luck,
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no support

Amazing what they will do. My whirlpool tub in my last house was designed to be set in a mortar bed. They built the surround too high (maybe to isolate noise from the downstairs) and stuffed scrap lumber underneath the built-in support wood. Took me forever to figure why the caulk joint between the tub/shower and tile walls was constantly seperating.

Finally found out the tub was designed as a garden tub, not suitable for a shower because the top lips sloped to the outside. Had constant water pooling at the back, and leakage out the front. Wound up ripping the whole thing out and converting to a walk-in shower (right before I sold it and moved of course).

As to using foam, I've heard that some people have used that effectively, but if the house is truly new, I agree with tlogan. Get the builder back in there to do it right.

Best in 2008

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