no cold water flow/faucet not engaging

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no cold water flow/faucet not engaging


Yesterday the cold water faucet for my sink stopped working. I believe it is a "compression faucet" (there are separate knobs for hot and cold), and I am getting full hot water from the hot water knob, and full hot and cold water from the kitchen sink and shower, etc. The cold water knob in question now simply turns and turns, it does not ever come to a stop, it just turns repeatedly in either direction and there is zero water coming out from it. At points, when turning it in the off direction, it will start to feel like it's tightening, but it doesn't last long and it just keeps spinning.

My best guess is the knob has for some reason stopped engaging with whatever there is inside it that controls the flow, but I could be very wrong because I have no clue about plumbing. I did get under the sink and check the knob controlling the flow of water into the pipe itself and it is still on. Any suggestions or help on how to fix this would be appreciated. Like I said, water flow is fine everywhere else in the house, just this one knob is acting up. Thanks for any help!
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It sounds like the screw in the handle has come loose and/or the threads(broach) that the handle fits into is stripped. There should be a cover of some sort over the middle of the valve stem. Pry it off to gain access to the screw. Remove it and the handle and look for wear or damage.

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