Tub refinishing...

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Tub refinishing...

There are a few different methods of refinishing old porcelain fixtures/tubs from what I can discern. Does anyone have any specific recommendations as to type of process they have had experience (good or bad) with firsthand? I've an 85 year old cast iron tub that needs to be refinished (simply old and worn) as it would be a shame to toss it and replace it - not to mention a huge undertaking.... It gets used infrequently - and I want it to look/feel good for at least a few years before it breaks down again....
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I don't know anything about the repair processes put on tubs. But, I do know none of them can match what was put on in the factory, the enameled glass coating. That requires red-hot furnace temps that can't be duplicated in the field. Just my $0.02.
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just had this done

I had a guy come in and 'reglaze' my 50 year old tub a few months ago (Ultrabond Refinishing in PA). It's not bad...you can tell it's not a factory finish (just not perfectly smooth...kind of like a car painted at Maaco vs the factory paint) but it's good enough to get me by and it has a 10 yr warranty. I paid about $350 but I cleaned out all the silicone/grout that touched the tub surface for the fella' ahead of time. From what I can tell, it's the cleaning and surface prep that's most important. Once you get that right (with nasty chemicals), then you can use an epoxy paint coating or something like that and spray it yourself.

Be prepared, though...this stuff STINKS! My wife is pregnant and she insisted we stay in a hotel overnight while this aired out, even though the technician used a hi-tech vent blower to reduce the fumes while he worked. That added $100 to the price since the chihuahuas had to come along, too!

Oh, and then I couldn't justify putting the old overflow cover/drain back in so I sprung $20 more for cheapie Home depot replacements to finish the deal.

Good luck!

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