can plunging toilet cause leakage at wax seal?


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can plunging toilet cause leakage at wax seal?

We have a toilet that requres plunging on a regular basis. It is installed using a standard thickness wax seal with a polyethelene flange on a closet flange set at floor height (bottom of flange coplaner with finished floor). 4" drain on vertical drop to streeter elbow to 3" pipe - all PVC

I may replace this toilet with a pressurized model. I suspect the bowl shifted when I initially set it and the wax ring flange is partially blocking the drain path. I installed it 2 years ago. I would like to push this project back if and only if I am not risking blowing out the wax ring by plunging - don't want subfloor damage. I should mention it is on a wood floor and a wax ring failure will damage more than the finished floor.

Does anyone have personal experience with this type of wax ring failure?
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Can plunging cause wax failure? - Well, sure it can.. If you have blockage below the wax and pressurize above the wax - it can blow out quit easily (relatively speaking).

If you think your current wax ring is blocking your drain - why not take the hour and $3.00 in parts that it requires to remove the existing ring and installing another... Then you'll know for sure!!
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Sure it can. Why all the problems with the toilet?
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