toilet oops


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toilet oops

Alright lets see if anyone can figure this one out. I might have messed up here but I put a toilet in the basement and instead of cutting concrete and all that stuff I built a platform to put the toilet on. I hooked up the toilet to a 4 inch clean out I have concreted in when I repoured the basement. I really didn't need the cleanout I just put it there because I didn't believe my wife when see said we don't need a bathroom in the basement. Any way to get the toilet where I needed it I used 4 90's which basically make an s trap the last 90 comes up and hooks up to the toilet flange. Now to my problem. I have one of those low rise toilets which I actually changed out from the upstairs because it didn't flush very well. So I hooked it up to the toilet flange and gave her a flush. The bowl fills up really high and goes down slow. After the flush it siphons the water out and leaves about 2 inches of water in the the bottom of the little hole. Here is where I need the expert advise. Is it the extra s trap I made in pvc that is hindering my performance or do I just have a (no pun intended) crappy toilet. Things I have checked, the toilet fills fine the little tube that fills the bowl in the tube is fine and the toilet does not have a siphon hole at the bottom there for can't be pluged. Thanks, have at it.
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Not the expert on this one, but too many angles for one thing. The toilet should have a short, straight run to the main stack, which yours does not seem to have. The toilet is a trap, it is built in, you now have 2 traps, as I understand your description.
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