Bathtub drain leaking

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Bathtub drain leaking

My bathroom drain is leaking. I can see water sipping out between the rubber and the tub at the bottom. Problem is that I cannot figure out how to disassemble the drain. Here are the pictures:

Do I need some special tools?

Thanks a lot ,

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The drain "basket" inside the tub screws into the "shoe" (elbow) underneath, and your chance of removing it and re-sealing it is pretty slim. You are likely going to have to replace both parts with new ones.

As to tools: A new drain basket can be installed by sticking plier handles down through it, then turning those pliers. But to remove your old one is probably going to require cutting it out in one way or another. Sometimes that can be done with a hacksaw underneath in the area of the rubber gasket, or it is also possible to file or grind away the inner edge of the upper flange of the basket inside the tub without damaging the tub's drain hole.

To do at least a temporary repair, you might try applying some silicone sealer around the basket inside the tub.
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pliers inserted in the basket...that is a good idea..i never thought of that when i did mine...i found a pipe that fit into the drain..with a small grinder i groung groove in the pipe to fit over the "spokes" in the basket..then used a pipe wrench to turn it out...packes under the flange with plumbers putty and tightened everything back up (this was to be a temporary fix) and i am stil running it this way..over 12 months now

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