Bowl Water Disappearing!

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Unhappy Bowl Water Disappearing!

I have noticed the toilet water in the main bathroom of my new (but not newly buit) home seems to be randomly "disappearing". There have been multiple times(more than several times but certainly not all the time) where the bowl fills up perfectly after flushing but after a few hours, the water level in the bowl has drained to almost nothing. There isn't any water on the floor or any signs of anything being wrong but I can't figure out what's happening.

I recently had a leak detection company come out to my home (for a different reason) and they told me that the plumbing throughout the house reported to be tight (as per the testing method/system they used).

I had a friend pull the toilet, replace the seals and remount the toilet (it rocked slightly and needed replacing anyhow) but the problem hasn't gone away. What do you think could be causing this "disappearing" water from my toilet bowl?
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We have the same thing in two toilets out of 3.

We have a contractor here who has temporarily plugged up the vent in our attic during re-modeling and he said it MIGHT have to do with that, but I think it began before he arrived on site.
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if you have a dog,,,

keep the lid down & his wtr dish fill'd,,, had a similar issue
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It can't drain out unless there's a crack or a siphon action. Siphoning will begin when the bowl water rises (normal flush) or there is suction down that drain (stack) the toilet connects to. Inadequate venting = drain suction. Test if other drains effect your toilet - fill sink and pull plug, etc.

Possibly something is wicking (or licking) water out but I doubt it.
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Does it totally flush after a while... maybe a slow leak on the flapper is causing it to drain, but the fill valve does not replace the water noticably b/c of the float not dropping in the tank? Just a suggestion......

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Does it happen during or after a heavy rain storm? We live on the "lower" side town where everything flows faster. Everyone has a pressure reducer on our side. The force of the rushing water in the sewer system first bubbles the water up and sometimes out, and then sucks all the water out. The city says its normal.
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Is it or has it been windy?

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