drilling toilet

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drilling toilet


Have "lovely" old wall hanger that has poor water flow through holes at front of toilet. Lime and what-not have built up to concrete consistency!! I intend to remove that but want to prevent the problem.

Can I drill the holes where the water is supposed to come out around the rim? I wouldn't be surprised to discover this is a "second" and I might need to drill another hole or two that should be, but are not, there.

Any thoughts?

Oh, if I replace the old toilet all newer ones will be smaller. We'll have to remove the wall paper, do a LOT of sanding and then paint the walls. If the wall look better wife will want to refinish the tiles - and the tub, then the sink and vanity won't look up to snuff either!! Seems easier to fix current toilet!

Much thanks,
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Hi, Don't drill out the holes with a drill you will crack the bowl. Try a pocket screwdriver to clear the holes. I would use muratic acid, pour about a quart down the the over flow in the tank, let it set for about 45 min then flush.Work fast the acid is hard to work with.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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