Toilet or supply line leak

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Cool Toilet or supply line leak

I am experiencing a leak from an upstairs bath(in toilet area) that has stained and subsequently penetrated the sheetrock ceiling in a closet below. This has occurred over the last six months--with initial stain and then "break through" through a pin hole 6 months later. Interestingly the leak is not constant, but sporadic. I have confirmed there is no leakage from the tank connections. There is very little water on the ceramic tile floor and appears maybe leaking from shut off valve located just above tile. Again--it only occasionally leaks and the upstairs is never used, except every two weeks or so when the toilet is cleaned. If I shut off the supply at the valve it definitely solves problem.
But--puzzled why it would not leak all the time
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Water leaks occur during changes in pressure, movement of connections, and just because they can. Sounds like your leak is at your shutoff valve by the floor. Now you need to determine where it is happening. You can troubleshoot - but first, try tightening the packing nut on the valve (the nut right behind the handle) just a quarter/half turn (or until snug if loose). At the same time (since you have the wrench in hand) check the tightness of the nut leading out of the valve and to the toilet. Once that's done... cycle the toilet a few times and check with a flashlight the connections to see if you can see leakage. It's possible you just fixed it.

If, however, you still experience the problem, judiciously (carefully) wrap toilet paper around the 3 parts of the valve (incoming nut/packing nut/outgoing nut) - to see if you can determine where the leak is originating. Once you've figured that out - you will have solved half the problem....
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Why don't you replace the shut-off valve & see what happens in the next week or two.........Don't forget to leave new valve turned on............

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