Rocking Toilet and Toilet Shims

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Rocking Toilet and Toilet Shims

I have a question about our rocking toilet.

About a year ago I accidentally flushded a toilet deodorizer that hooks on the side of the toilet down the toilet.

To get it out, my husband had to take the toilet off, retrieve the deodorizer and then put the toilet back on. We bought a new wax ring and all of that, but the toilet rocked. We called a plumber who did the same thing my husband did, but the toilet still rocks.

My husband has told me that he thought that urine (gross!) was leaking around the base of the toilet. I blamed it on our young son's bad aim, and we have just lived with the rocking toilet.

Today, I got in there and scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom. I took out some old caulking the plumber put around the bottom of the toilet.

My husband was right. The toilet is leaking water mixed with urine (again, gross) around the bottom. The caulking was absolutely putrid.

Obviously we need to take the toilet up again and get the most expensive wax ring we can find to fix this.

Will a shim fix the rocking? What can we do to get the seal "right" so that we don't have this leaking problem again?

Thank you in advance.
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Remove the toilet and old wax ring - and remove all the old caulking from the base of the toilet as well as the floor. Determine whether or not your flange is cracked or loose, causing the rocking. It should be securely fastened to the floor - if it rocks, your toilet will rock (I suspect this may be your issue).

If it's secure, set the toilet over the flange (without the wax ring) and determine where you need to shim the base to eliminate the rocking. You can shim with any number of things - as long as they're waterproof. I've seen pennies or dimes used - though I prefer plastic shims you can buy at any big box store (even clear plastic). Shim the toilet so it doesn't rock - and note the exact location of the shims (mark them). Take the toilet up and dab a bit of caulk on those shims so they will stay in place on the floor. Then put on the wax ring (on the toilet, not the flange) and reinstall your toilet carefully. Tighten the hold down bolts carefully, first one side then the other and back again - until the unit is secure. Have a couple of those shims available for last minute adjustments when the unit is down. (A true shim is tapered and can be slid into place then tapped snug - and the remainder cut off with a utility knife when you're done).
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I never run caulk completely around a toilet, but leave a gap behind so

a) the space which should not contain sewage may ventilate a bit, and,

b) you will know it right away if that space ever does contain sewage.

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