Kitchen sink faucet and shut off valve problems

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Kitchen sink faucet and shut off valve problems

the water coming out of the kitchen faucet has been getting weaker and weaker this week and now it flows a 3 out of 10. I thought it might be time to replace the faucet/faucet washer. I went to turn off the water under the sink.. hot and cold valve but water still comes out of the faucet with enough force aka not a dip but free flowing water and did not stop. I turned the red handle valve to off as well but same thing. I am totally thrown off. HOt and cold water still comes out of faucet. When I push the faucet handle down, the water does not stop right away as well but slowly stops. No problem water into dish washer. I have replaced numerous faucets but I can not figure how water is still getting to the faucet after turning all 3 valves to shut off position. I still think it might be the faucet but now I am not sure. I am close to calling a plumber but really do not want to do that just yet. thx
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Your shut off valves need repair or replacement as they are not shutting off the water flow.Sounds like your valves are regular stop valves not a supply valve so you might be able to rebuild them but if they have some age then condition issues may force replacement.

After you rework the valves you'll need to rebuild the faucet.You're description suggests a single lever faucet.If it's a known national brand then rebuild kits are available as well as instructions,info etc. If it's a big box brand etc then all bets are off.

Suggest you reach out to your local real hardware store or plumbing supply that sells to the public for assistance.Always take any information AND OLD PARTS for proper replacement.

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