What have I done? (Toilet Runs)

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Red face What have I done? (Toilet Runs)

This must be easy, but I don't know what I did. The toilet was running, so first things first, I bought a $3 flapper and tried that. I turned off the water coming into the toilet, emptied the tank, replaced the flapper. Then I turned on the water again, but it didn't come on. We wiggled things and turned it on and off, ya-da, ya-da. Finally water started coming, but not through the tube like it should. I'm sorry, I forget the name, but the stand-up assembly that has tubes on the side of it, the water seems to be coming through one of those tubes (vertical, parallel to the assembly) along with lots of air bubbles, at the bottom of the tube. The tank fills back up, but takes forever. What happened? And what do I need to do to fix it?
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Not sure what type of toilet valve you have, but you likely loosened calcium deposits from the shutoff valve, or the washers in the toilet valve disintregated. Either way, you need another $7 for the Fluidmaster toilet valve.

Best bet.............if you have to shut off the water to the toilet tank, replace everything and be done with the problem for the next 10-20yrs. Cost is about $20 in parts.

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